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03 August 2013 @ 06:04 pm
Fic: What Love Is (3/?)  
Title: What Love Is
Author: Semerket
Fandom: Batman
Pairing: Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn
Rating: T for language, but some chapters might go up to M. Appropriate warnings will be given at the time.
Disclaimer:  I don’t own DC comics.
Summary: Ivy has had it up to here with Harley's delusions. Will she finally be able to lead her away from the Joker's abuse? Or will circumstances forever keep them apart?

A/N: Hi guys. I wanted to thank all the people that reviewed. I also wanted to note that this chapter is rated M.
Previous chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2
What Love Is
By Semerket
Chapter 3: Sweet Kisses

Ivy poured all of her feelings into the kiss as she held the blond tightly. Ivy wasn’t sure how long the kiss had gone on, but when they pulled back they were both out of breath.

Harley pinned her with an intense gaze. Her voice was ragged with need, “I want you to make love to me.”

Ivy didn’t need any more motivating as she recaptured Harley’s lips. Harley felt Ivy’s tongue gently seeking entry and she readily allowed it. The blond ran her hands down Ivy’s sides. She could feel the slight ridges of the small leafy vines that traveled along the other woman’s body. She allowed her fingers to follow them down and around to the small of Ivy’s back. She continued to follow them lower, eliciting a moan from the plant-hybrid, much to Harley’s delight.

Harley’s entire being was thrumming. It felt as though her whole body was on fire. She briefly wondered if Ivy had inadvertently poisoned her for a moment. Maybe that antidote Ivy had given her had finally worn off, but she didn’t care because it felt so good. It felt right. She needed to feel her skin on the other woman’s. No sooner than she had the thought, the redhead rolled them over so that Harley was underneath her. She purred impatiently between kisses, “HarleyClothes…”

Harley could feel her shorts being tugged down. She realized it must have been some of Ivy’s vines because her hands were already occupied roaming around underneath her shirt. She helped pull Harley’s shirt off and lowered herself back down and continued her gentle exploration. Harley’s hands eventually found their way to Ivy’s chest. Ivy’s eyes lit up momentarily with a bright green glint and the leaves that formed her ‘bikini’ suddenly receded and seemed to disappear into… Well, she didn’t know where they went. Harley wasn’t sure what the hell she was seeing.

“How did…”

“Magic.” Was the quick explanation. Ivy didn’t give the blond time to reply as she kissed her again. Harley smiled into the kiss. Yea, Ivy was magic alright. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt Ivy’s fingertip brush against her center.

As Harley’s tongue explored Ivy’s mouth she was hit with a rush of sweetness. The taste was reminiscent of a cross between nectar and some kind of candy. Skittles? Harley broke away for a moment and Ivy went about trailing kisses down her neck and jawline.

“Red?” She panted.

“Mmm?” She murmured against her neck.

“You taste so sweet.” She said through ragged breaths.

She could hear the woman chuckle against her shoulder.

She giggled, “I’m serious. You taste like Kool-Aid!”

She felt her friend laugh harder. “I don’t taste anything.” Ivy said seductively, “Except you of course.”

“But you,” Harley didn’t get to finish her sentence as she felt Ivy’s fingers slip into her teasingly.

“Shhh,” The blond could feel the woman’s hot breath against her chest.

“Red…” Harley ran her fingers through Ivy’s thick red locks. The blond mumbled something unintelligible about Candyland before her brain turned to mush.

There was a hint of amusement in her tone as the redhead chastised her, “Focus, Harley.”

Focus? Harley’s senses were on overload. Her entire thought process was now just a wild stream of consciousness. ‘Red’s mouth feels good on my chest. She smells like flowers. Natural? Or perfume? Red is touching my bruises. It tickles. What was the name of my third grade teacher? OOo! Red is moving down. Wow, I’m actually having sex with Poison Ivy! Eat your heart out, Batman. Bats are marsupials. Wait, no they’re not… Are they? I should Google bats… No! Don’t think about bats… Don’t think about bats… Don’t think about- STOP! Red has really soft hair. It’s so pretty and so red and is that a tongue- Oh my god, Mrs. Cransen! I’m missing Bonanza reruns! Holy cunning linguists, Batman!’

Harley moaned and arched off the bed as she felt Red’s mouth on her. She pulled Ivy’s hair as she felt more of her control slipping. The redhead continued her ministrations.

“OhmygodRed!” She panted hurriedly as she pushed Ivy’s head down. Harley was rushing her. Ivy didn’t like being rushed. Two vines slithered around Harley’s wrists and tugged them up towards the headboard, restraining her so that their mistress could have her way.  Harley lost track of time quickly, but the sweet torture that Ivy’s mouth was inflicting on her felt like an eternity. Harley was just about to climax when the redhead stopped. Ivy moved back up so that her face was hovering over Harley’s torso. She kissed her bellybutton.

The blond tugged at her vine restraints in frustration. “Red!”

“Mhmm?” Ivy batted her eyelashes playfully.

“It’s not funny, Red.” She whined pathetically.

“It isn’t?” Ivy said suggestively as she moved to hover over Harley. The blond felt the vines release her wrists and her hands shot out and pulled Ivy down for a searing kiss. She could taste herself on Red. Ivy’s hand traveled down to Harley’s center.

“Yes.” Harley’s hips began to buck at Ivy’s ministrations. She moved her own leg up between Ivy’s legs so that she could have some friction. After what felt like another eternity both women climaxed.

Ivy was lying on top of Harley languidly as she tried to catch her breath. The blond had tears streaming from her eyes. “Red, that was…” Her entire body was tingling from head to toe. She didn’t have words to describe it. Or at least, not any words that existed in the English language.

Ivy smiled lovingly, “I know.” She kissed Harley on the forehead as she held her.

“Thank you.” Harley said through sniffles.

“For what?” Ivy asked.

“For being you.” Harley squeezed the green woman and stroked her face. “Red, I…” A bright smile broke across her face. “I love you too.”

She kissed her gently on the lips. Harley chuckled.

“You still taste like Kool-Aid though.”


The next day Ivy knew Harley was no longer in bed with her. When she came down stairs Harley was fully dressed and had her bag. She looked apologetic. “Red?”

Ivy sighed; she just walked over to the blond and pulled her into a hug. She kissed her cheek and forehead. A tear rolled down Ivy’s face.

“Red, you shouldn’t worry. There are just some things I gotta take care of, ya know, before we can be togetha.” She smiled at the redhead dreamily.

Ivy’s voice was rough as she held Harley in a crushing embrace. “Harley, no. Whatever it is, we can do it together.”

The blond shook her head. She smiled reassuringly at her friend, well, now her lover. “I’ll be right back, I promise. Just gimme a day or two, okay?”

“Take care of yourself, Harley.”  The redhead smiled sadly as the woman pulled away. She stared at her intently as she memorized every line and curve of that beautiful face. Ivy knew she wouldn’t see her again.

Harley waved and grabbed her small bag and was out the front door.

Ivy went into her lab and closed the door. Perhaps Harley did love her, but she had a compulsion and it would be so hard for her not to follow it. Ivy could understand that.  It didn’t make her feel any better, but she did get it. The blond did seem sincere in her promise, but then again she often said she’d do things that she never followed through on. It didn’t matter though.  Her heart was broken again either way.


Harley knew she had committed the ultimate crime. She had cheated on Mistah J. She had cheated with her best friend. It wasn’t Joker’s feelings that she was worried about; it was Ivy that concerned her. Joker wouldn’t let it go. He’d do something to Red, something terrible and hilarious, but especially terrible. She just knew it. She couldn’t just tell Joker she was leaving him for someone else. Hell, she couldn’t tell him she was leaving him at all. He’d kill her first, but not after he killed Red and made her watch.  Her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend was a vicious psychopath, a psychopath that Harley no longer found amusing.

Harley crept into the hideout, which was really just an abandoned warehouse, and looked around. She had waited until evening time because that way she was less likely to run into Mistah J, as he was likely to be out and about wreaking havoc on the innocent denizens of Gotham. No one was around, so far so good. Making her way down a dimly lit hallway she stopped when she came to a door. This was her room.  It used to be an office of some sort, but she had converted it.  Joker’s office was down the hall and he spent most of his time in it scheming against Batman.

She made her way inside the room after carefully opening her door and checking for booby traps and explosives; Mistah J said he liked to keep her on her toes. The first thing she grabbed was a duffel bag. Harley didn’t have many possessions; they were constantly abandoning locations to escape the police, but she did have a few things, mostly clothing. After she finished tossing her clothes into the bag, she zipped it up and poked her head out the door. The coast was still clear.

She made her way towards the large garage. It was also empty. She flipped the lights on and whistled loudly. After a few seconds she could hear jingling and excited scrambling as her two hyenas, Bud and Lou, came bounding out from behind a crate. “Hey, sweet Babies! Didja miss your mommy?” She knelt down and petted them as she murmured to them in nonsensical baby talk. “Whose my good boy? Yes, I know you are.”

Standing up again, she made her way to her car. It wasn’t really anything special, just a stolen sedan with swapped plates. It was one of many. She used to prefer ostentatious vehicles, but being noticed by the cops got old really fast. Harley favored this car and as such it had been considered ‘hers’. It was an unassuming black Honda Accord.

She popped the trunk and tossed her bag inside. Then she opened the back door and ushered the babies in. “Come on boys.” She knew Joker could care less about them. She was the only one that remembered to feed them. When he found out she was leaving he’d probably do something to them to get back at her. She couldn’t let that happen.  How she was going to explain this to Red was another matter. The plant hybrid couldn’t stand them, but she’d just have to cross that bridge when she came to it.

Moving to the driver’s side door, Harley reached into her bag and rifled through it to double check that she had her wallet. As she was doing this, she was startled by a muffled noise coming from inside the bag. Harley pulled out a small snow glob.  It was from the Gotham County Fair. Inside the glass orb were two flowers, one yellow and the other red, holding hands- well ‘leaves’ to be exact. They were smiling and wearing sunglasses. When Harley wound it up it began playing the tune ‘You Are My Sunshine’.

Harley wiped an errant tear from her cheek. When had Ivy slipped it into her bag? She must have done it while Harley was sleeping after they had been together, and that meant Ivy knew she was going to leave in the morning. The blond’s eyes became moist. “Oh, Red. Ya big softy. I’ve been so terrible to you. I’m so sorry.” She hoped she would see the redhead again. She kissed the snow globe affectionately. “Soon, Red.”

“Going somewhere?”

Harley flinched at the sudden intrusion of the voice and turned to face him. “Mistah J! I didn’t know where you were.”

“You didn’t answer the question, Pumpkin.”

“I was…” Think fast, Harley. “I was goin’ to see where you were at.”

“With Bud & Lou?”

“Yea, I figured they’d like some fresh air.”

“You were gone a long time, Harley girl.” Joker eyed the snow globe that seemed to be particularly special to Harley. “Ah, and what’s this hilarious trinket?”

“Oh, just a little something I got at the store.” She tried to sound nonchalant.

“So it’s nothing to special to you then?”


He grinned evilly. “Would you lie to me, Pumpkin?”

“No, Mistah J.”

He extended his hand with his palm facing upwards. “Give it to me.”

“But…” She knew he’d seen through the lie, “But Mistah J...”

His false cheer melted as he shouted. “Give it to me!”

She pouted like a child that was about to be punished, and placed it in his hand.

He tossed it into the air. “No!” Harley gasped in disappointment as she watched it tumble towards the cement floor. She'd been expecting him to break it, but he surprised her and caught it at the last minute and made a comical face at her. Then he started laughing. “I had you going, Harl. You should have seen the look on your face!” He guffawed and patted her on the back chummily.

Harley felt herself relax and she let herself laugh too. “Yea, you’re real funny Mistah J.”

He grinned happily, “You think that’s funny, ay?”

“Yea.” She grinned.

Then from out of nowhere he took the globe and smashed it against her face. It broke on impact and Harley went tumbling to the floor. The blond was dazed for several seconds- or was it minutes? She was seeing stars and she could hear Mistah J ranting at her.

“…The next time I tell you to do something you do it!”

“Yes, Mistah J. I’m so sorry, Mistah J.” Harley sniffed. Not only was her gift destroyed, but some of it was now embedded in her face. She reached up and could feel where several small shards of glass were sticking out. Her face was slick with blood and tears.

“Stop crying!” She received several sound kicks to the chest until she properly suppressed her sniveling.

She knew he was only just getting started, but then something more important seemed to warrant his attention.

Police sirens.


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raug_mossraug_moss on August 4th, 2013 04:34 pm (UTC)
yet another very intriguing chapter.
but my poor heart D: Harley is back in Joker's clutches after seemingly having realized that Ivy is best for her.

the scene between Ivy and Harley was beautifully written.
you can be assured that you have a faithful reader right here.
waiting for more :D
Semerketsemerket on August 5th, 2013 01:09 am (UTC)
Yes, bad things happen so that we can have plot. ;-) I'm glad you're still reading. Thanks for commenting.
Jellojello_o on August 7th, 2013 02:56 am (UTC)
I don't know much about the comic fandom, but I like this story nonetheless. Keep it coming.
Semerketsemerket on August 7th, 2013 08:38 am (UTC)
Glad you're liking it. Thanks for commenting.